Cop.a.v. was established in 1974 by 29 small companies operating with flat bed trailers and mainly carrying agricultural products. Recognizing the ISO containers represented a major opportunity for the future growth of national and international traffic they joined together to create a company which could respond to the demands they believed would follow. In 1989 Cop.a.v. opened its headquarters in Fiorenzuola dArda (Piacenza) which consists of an area of 27.500 square meters, warehousing for transhipment and storage of any type of material and the handling and storage of containers. In 2003 Cop.a.v. acquired a depot in Milano Rogoredo a strategic location from which to further develop its market cover and penetration. By prudent and flexible management and a clear demonstration of its dynamism and willingness to embrace change, Cop.a.v. is now an established market leader offering, not only road transport, but a wide range of logistical services to potential partners. With a modern and comprehensive fleet of 260 vehicles Cop.a.v. has the means to meet specific requirements and handles more than 300 containers per day. In addition to investing in vehicles, depots and handling equipment, Cop.a.v. also invests in the ongoing training and development of its staff with the aim of fully understanding customers needs and working with them to identify and implement beneficial change.


    Waste material

    The retainers approached to execute the order. Turner glanced hastily around, but no weapon, or any portable article that might serve the purpose of one, was at hand: he, therefore, had only to step back a few paces, and to place himself in the best attitude of resistance he could."The dew of heaven is not for you," he began; "nor is the fat of the land your portion: but I am sent to pour a stream of light into the dark chamberseven to enlighten the soul of the weary bondman. I will sing to them of fearful heart, be strong and fear not; for the high ones of authority shall be hewn down, and the haughty shall lick the dust like serpents. The proud lords amongst us buy up the dastard hirelings with gold and silver, and they clothe them in their livery! They wear the badge of cruelty and oppression in their hats; but we shall tread them down like the mire in the streets. Our king, too, is in bondage, and heareth not the groans of them that are in fetters!for he is encompassed by the cold and the cruelbut the cold and the cruel shall be swept away. As the gathering of locusts shall we run upon them. Tithes shall cease;the bondman shall be enfranchised; and the lands apportioned at an easy rent. The proud and rich prelates shall give up their wealth to the sick and the poor, and we will have no clergy henceforth but the order of mendicant priests to administer the sacraments." Thus, and with much more of the doctrine of general enfranchisement and equalization of property harangued the monk; and we need scarcely add, that his words were listened to with breathless eagerness. In fact, so much was he regarded as a prophet, that more than one life had been sacrificed since the commencement of his wanderings, in resisting his capture by the civil authorities.In addition to technically upgrade the fleet of vehicles, COP.A.V. will be receptive to various specific needs of all customers not least to respect the environment. An example of this commitment is the registration of companies authorized to transport recyclable materials. At the increasing demand for transportation of goods that are recycled, thus avoiding waste of raw materials important for all of us, COP.AV has reinforced this department and without any problem, in compliance with all regulations in force, is able to satisfy the most disparate needs.


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    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}The total guarantee of our professionalism is demonstrated by our certifications .

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Indeed, we have obtained both ISO 9001 and the SQAS , certifications that are synonymous with quality, performance and security that we are able to provide.



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